Wednesday, September 7, 2011

welcome to my blog..

I was born in Natuna, and I feel I am called to popularize the Natuna's natural wealth and beauty. Unfortunately if only stored neatly in memories, pictures, books, but not published.

I wanna share it with the simple writing, and may be seen by the world.

In this blog I will try to present my home town, Natuna. This nation having title "northen pearl", it stores a million natural beauty. The beaches, the mountains, waterfalls, sea world, and exotic islands. Maybe same with Bali or Bunaken in Sulawesi. Maybe more.
Hmmmm ..?

Natuna does not only have the beautiful views..
World's largest gas reserves also exist in the country having motto "laut sakti rantau bertuah". Insha Allah, I will explain little by little ...

I will present all of the Natuna (if I can) ..
If u wanna help me. with pleasure. :D

Constructive, criticism and advice I needed for making this blog better. ok
I am waiting. : D

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